Lakefront properties in Georgia promise a relatively serene and closer to natural living and a break from hassle-filled everyday life. You can finally get to avail yourself of a living vicinity that offers you waterside privacy, a mesmerizing lakeside view of sunset and sunrise, and convenient access for water sports, including sailing, fishing, swimming, and water-skiing. Lake homes by Jackie makes it their topmost priority to provide their customer with the type of lake homes they have always wished for. Whether it’s the residential properties or lakefront vacation homes huddled around the shores of the high-alpine beauty of Georgia, lakefront properties in Georgia are your gateway to relaxation and adventure.

It is high time for you to benefit from the opportunity you have been seeking all this time. A solitude quality time nearer to nature and wilderness, lake homes by Jackie are your single stop shop for every lake property for sale in Georgia. We keep ourselves updated on every lakefront real estate enlisted on our website and its availability to our clients. Our lakefront properties include luxury and vacation waterfront houses. So, halt from wasting time navigating around numerous websites to find your dream lake home or property, for lakefront properties in Georgia have got your back.

We wish you to spend your leisure time with your feet in the water and closer to the wilderness and not rush down inaccurate listings to find the perfect lake home. Remember, you are not just purchasing a lake house; you are buying a lake! We meticulously document thousands of ponds and lakes so you can make a careful and informed decision. So, feel free to examine our website and opt for the lake house that suits your liking.


Lake homes by Jackie is widely famous for its real estate business, selling properties in the beautiful Lake Lanier in the hills of Georgia mountains. We keep up with pricing, trends and guidelines, and parameters that affect lake property. Lake Homes by Jackie holds vast knowledge of how to engage lake buyers and many different methods to stage waterfront properties to attain the best possible price. Lake Lanier real estate agents in Georgia are familiarized with the regulations they offer to their purchasers and keep them satisfied that each spent dollar will be of good value and guarantees to fulfill each particular demand of their clients regarding the types of lake house they desire. So, if you are still seeking a group that knows the lakes well and works untiringly with their clients, reach out to us. We are enthusiastic about helping you find your dream lake house on Lake Lanier.


Lake Homes by Jackie has been a full-service realtor for many years in Georgia. Our company specializes in selling beautiful waterfront homes in the Lake Lanier area. We sell and market all kinds of properties, everything from lots, cottages, weekend lake cabins, single-family homes in portion to extravagant waterfront homes. Lake homes for sale in Georgia, Lake Lanier is on the verge of becoming the most discussed and spreading topic. Many people are rooting to spend their vacations or permanently settle down in a place that brings them closer to nature and wastelands. We are certified lake and luxury specialists and have a proven adequate record for presenting lakefront properties. So, if you are considering retailing or want to buy a lakefront house or have inquiries related to the current market analysis of lake houses, feel free to contact us at the following numbers: OFFICE: (770) 844-8484 MOBILE: (678) 852-5397. We will help you with all your Lake Lanier area home needs.

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