We certainly live in strange times! Who would’ve thought that just as winter was coming to an end, we’d be social distancing ourselves due to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19? Well, if you’re a client of mine who has purchased a house near Lake Lanier, you can count on me to bring you ideas for things to do in North Georgia year round – even in this season of isolation!

1. Family Game Night

This may seem like a no brainer, but sometimes the stressful times can make it hard for us to see the simple choice. Here’s a challenge: go through the old board game closet and start at the bottom! Start with whichever game has the most dust on it and work your way up. You may find some fun hidden gems you’d forgotten about! 

Closet empty? Not a problem! There are many printable online games such as these free printable party games. If you have a larger family (6+), why not set your brain to work and try to solve one of these murder mystery games?

2. Hike The Trails

As of the date of this publication, it’s still ok – and even encouraged – to go get some exercise outside. Just remember to stay six feet away from other hikers to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and you can stay in shape and avoid cabin fever while taking advantage of this beautiful early spring! Here are some ideas for trails around Lake Lanier:

Little Ridge Trail: Near Cumming, GA, this 1.1 mile loop trail is great for kids and dogs. You can find it in Little Ridge Park on the west edge of Lake Lanier.

Laurel Ridge Trail: In Buford Dam Park on the south end of the lake, this 3.8 mile loop is an easy hike for all ages (dogs not permitted), and passes by the Chattahoochee River, Buford Dam, and Lake Lanier. 

Lake Lanier Islands Trails: Lake Lanier Islands park offers a handful of short trails that are great for a burst of cardio workout with beautiful views. “Legacy Lite” offers varying terrains and gorgeous vistas, while “Cardio First” and “LakeHouse Power” are paved trails, making a light jog both easy and invigorating.

Wilshire Trails: On the northeast side of the lake in Gainesville, GA, Wilshire Trails is a stunning park with miles of trails that are both kid and dog friendly. Some of their trails are also bike friendly, for you two-wheeled adventurers out there!

3. Boating

The term “Cabin Fever” may come from being stuck at sea, but if you live on the lake and can get out on the water, boating is a great way to beat the isolation blues! Pass the time with some fishing for bass, stripers, and crappies! Tour the shoreline and see all the trees and flowers starting to bloom. Or wave to friendly neighbors from a safe distance across the water! Getting out on the lake is a great way to ease your stress while spending some quality time with those closest to you.

4. Make Some Music

Time to bust out that guitar, keyboard, trumpet, or didgeridoo and turn your family into the next Osmonds! Music is scientifically proven to improve our moods, boost serotonin, and bring people closer together. So it doesn’t matter what talent level you are, what instruments you have, or who else is listening, just make a beat and belt some tunes! 

No instruments? That’s what you think. This fun list of DIY instruments makes for a fun time-passing craft project that ends with a silly concert of your new fam band. Bonus: Go to my facebook page and share your video and help spread your joy to others!

5. Start Making Plans

Hope for the future keeps us going every day, and that’s true now more than ever! And now, with some extra time on your hands, it’s a great idea to start planning what you’ll do next! Not only do these big ideas give you something to look forward to, but just how often do you have the downtime to give these things your full attention? Maybe there’s a cross country road trip you’ve been wanting to take. Maybe it’s more local like a North Georgia vineyard

Or you can get ahead of the curve and think about your next property. Whether you’re ready to take on an additional house, or you’ve just spent too much time in yours and it’s time to move on, there are plenty of opportunities on and around Lake Lanier for your next home! All you have to do is give me a call and we can start discussing options right away. The sooner you start looking, the more likely you are to find your dream home!

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