Selling your home may be the most challenging transaction of your life. The buying and selling process for real estate is a complicated labyrinth of big decisions, confusing questions, and legal jargon. Even in preparation, there are pitfalls and roadblocks that can leave even the most savvy civilian scratching their head. 

But would you perform your own surgery? Fly your own airplane? Wire your own electricity? Of course not! And in the world of real estate, much like any complicated but necessary procedure, there are professionals with years of training to take on the most challenging aspects and guide you through the end successfully! These are listing agents: trained professionals who have had a detailed education, and (hopefully) have had many years of experience selling homes. It’s a full time job that they do every day.  They’ve made their living by understanding the tricks of the trade and are aware of the many problems that could arise during your home selling process.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve heard it before, and it’s true. The location of your home is an important selling point, and a realtor can help you determine the best of the area your home is in. They can help you get info on schools, traffic, property taxes, population, crime and growth. Any smart home buyer will be asking these questions, and quick and informed answers can make all the difference for getting the home under contract quickly.


List too high and you’ll risk alienating potential buyers. List too low and you’ll miss out on the highest possible sale. A listing agent can provide comps and days on market info to help determine appropriate pricing. Supply and demand are in constant fluctuation for property, and understanding the current market is absolutely necessary to selling your home quickly for the best price. Don’t go by the Zillow “Zestimate” as it is computer generated and does not take into account that each home is unique.

Contract Knowledge

A licensed agent can protect seller from potential problems that the seller may not foresee. The complicated legal text of housing contracts can be deliberately misleading, and it’s just as likely for the seller to miss out as the buyer. Your agent has also been taught how to write contracts, and can make sure there are no loose ends or loopholes that could lead to potential lawsuits or thousands in repair costs. And what documentation or information will you need to present to buyers and their agents? Your listing agent has these ready to go.

Finding pre-qualified buyers

You would be surprised how much of your time, energy, and money can be wasted on buyers who aren’t serious or qualified to purchase your home. Rather than casting a wide net and sifting through dozens of potentials to find the right buyers, a listing agent gets calls from people who are already house hunting on Zillow,, and other real estate resources, They can then narrow your targeted search to serious, qualified buyers who are the right match for your home.


Where do you even list your home? There are hundreds of sites and other marketing publications that are all calling for your listing. How do you hit them all? Which ones are worth the effort? How many accounts do you need to create? Which are right for your specific home? Listing agents have more access to the technology and marketing materials such as MLS’s and hundreds of other websites that can help target the right buyer and get your home sold quickly.

Staging and professional photography

Aerial view back of house - 8980 PINE TREE CIRCLE GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 30506Photographs are the first impression of your home on potential buyers. Make sure the agent you choose uses a professional photographer. This can make all the difference in getting a buyer interested in your home.  Your agent also knows your home’s most sellable features, and can help stage those features to make it look its best. Maybe it’s a lifestyle such as lake life or an equestrian environment that needs to be focused on, and they can suggest and provide drone photos or video. Your listing agent will know exactly what needs to be done to sell.

Negotiating experience

Getting to the final closing price of your home may be the most intimidating -and most important- part of the process. The negotiating table is a tricky environment, and the wrong move at the wrong moment can cost you potential money or extra work on your home before the sale. Realtors are trained to negotiate and and have a fiduciary duty to look after the best interest of the seller.

Focusing on what’s important

Experienced agents know what is important to a buyer and what is not. Alone, you’re left guessing what needs to be done before putting your home on the market. Should the exterior be painted? Is the color a good neutral color that would appeal to most buyers? Is the kitchen updated enough? Does the property need some landscaping? Putting in too much work can cost you unnecessary money and time. Too little and selling your home will be more difficult. Knowing how much money to put into your house in order to maximize your sale is a delicate balance, but these are all questions that an agent can help with prior to listing your home and doing it right the first time around.


Not only can listing agent help you with finding contractors to help with repairs and maintenance issues but they also likely have buyer’s that they are already working with.  Most realtors work with both buyers and sellers and often sell homes before they are even listed. And the network of other realtors they are in constant communication with may be end up connecting you with a buyer who is looking for a home just like yours.


As you can see, the benefits of finding a licensed, experienced realtor are seemingly endless. The most complicated work you’ll need to do is find the agent who’s right for you! Fortunately, you don’t need to look very far! With fifteen years of experience in buying and selling homes, I am highly qualified to provide you with all of the above and more. If you’re even considering selling your home in the near future, give me a call and let’s discuss all your home’s potential and how to find you the right time, the right buyer, and the right price!

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